2021 reflection

2021 was the Starting year.

It was the year I finally decided to write regularly and publish more.

I only started to write regularly in the second part of the year.

But still, I overcame the fear of exposing myself.

I published for 21 weeks in a row. Started my YouTube channel and gave more attention to Twitter.

And was surprised that I made the first affiliate sales after 3 months of being consistent.

I’m proud of what I did. But when I look back, I can be hard with me and question the first 6 months where I did very little.

But those months of exploration are part of the journey. So I’m not happy with the money lost in those months.

Not even a bit. But it’s done.

And now, I can take the lessons with me to avoid making the same mistakes.

The results were much better than I ever anticipated.

I wasn’t expecting to make money in the first months.

Also, the YouTube channel and blog got many more views than expected.

This is promising and positive feedback that fills my energy tank.

So, I promise to keep going in 2022.

I promise to use these lessons and keep improving in the following years.

And the word for 2022 will be Proliferation.

The proliferation of more articles, more videos, and working faster.

But also a proliferation of happiness and resting.

Final thoughts

It’s funny that I’m about 1% of the way to monetize the YouTube channel. But I also feel that I made 1% of the work to make regular money online.

This isn’t true.

And when I think where I was at the start of the year, these numbers are a big success for 5 months of consistent work.

I’m happy but not settled with these achievements.

This note isn’t about patting myself in the back and thinking I’m the greatest.

Instead, this is a reminder that I did things this year.

Things that I’m proud to put my name and face on.

Yes, doing things was great because I finally overcame the fear.

I’m proud.

And this note is a reminder that I should be proud.

The numbers of 2021

Numbers at 21st of December:

  • Articles published: 24
  • Videos published: 7
  • Blog page views: 874
  • YouTube views: 300
  • Number of hours worked on my side projects: 276

Ps. I’m starting this word of the Year thing inspired by Val Sopi.

Originally written at: 2021-12-21

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