All or nothing

Having ADHD without knowing you have it is a curse. But the moment you know it, things change drastically.

Having ADHD is far from being harmful. But it was frustrating for many years to fight against it.

I thought I was lazy and lacked the motivation to achieve my dreams.

Yet, in school, I never needed to apply. Me doing things at 50% was more than enough to be average. And when I went at 100%, I got bored because it was so easy.

That’s a big point: I have to be challenged to achieve my best work. So constantly doing new things excites me.

Usually I’m 100% interested in something or not interested at all. There’s no moderation.

And in June 2021, was when I finally discovered I had ADHD. It completely changed my life.

Since I created routines and habits that are setting myself to success.

I don’t have a “system” that is the solution to it all. It’s more a flexible system that pushes me to do things, allows me to rest, explore, and be entertained.

I know it’s working because I have been consistent since July and getting better at it. Working more time per month on what I want and achieving the first tangible results.

My life was hard until I found that I have it, but at least now I know why it’s all or nothing.

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