Always go after what you think is right

I’ve managed to follow my instincts several times by doing what I think is right.

Even when things don’t work on the spot, making the decision you think is right will be ROI positive.

One of the times I did it was when I rejected the opportunity to renew my contract on a job I wasn’t learning much and being challenged.

I did that without knowing what would come next. So, I spend the subsequent 2 months searching, and searching, and searching.

Making that decision on the small island I lived was a high risk even more for that stage of my career.

But eventually, a company called for an interview. They called me and asked me to be there as soon as possible. And so it begins.

The interview lasted about 1h where they were talking about a new project I could fit in and help.

Later on that day, the owner of the company called me again. He asked for me to go there and talk to him. We talked for almost 2 hours.

He asked for patience from me for that project to start and signal things would go forward.

Then weeks passed without notices. Finally, I went to their offices to talk about what was going on.

He said I would stay at the company, but he was waiting. So, I left happy with the outcome, but without any contract.

More weeks passed, and again no news.

At this stage, I was losing hope, and my family was telling me that they wouldn’t honor their word and I should keep looking for another job.

I thought this was wrong and went there again to talk to the owner. We had another lovely conversation of around 90 minutes. He was candid, open, and straight with the reason behind the wait.

This time I left with even more conviction that I wanted to work there.

Several weeks later, I went for a walk and drive by the offices. The owner was at the door, and he said to me, “I want to talk with you. Can you start on Monday?”.

I was ecstatic with the opportunity and following through with it until I got the job.

I loved to work there. It was a fantastic year. The coworkers were incredible, and we loved working together! It was unbelievable at all levels.

I knew I was doing the right thing by not quitting on them.

What I didn’t know was the impact working there would have on me. I changed a love. I became even more environmentally conscious and, best of all, found an amazing girlfriend while working there.

Since that Wednesday, I always go after what I think is right. And that’s one of the reasons I got to be with my girl.

Don’t quit on yourself. Do the right thing.

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