Don't say you're building a personal brand

I see people advise others to build a personal brand. But what does that even mean?

On one side, I can see the good intentions behind this advice. On the other, I get annoyed with the tactics and the ways people do it. For example, engagement games.

Nowadays, lots of people want a personal brand. And even more, say “I’m building my personal brand”. It sounds fake as fuck when someone says this.

Isn’t building a personal brand being known for doing something? Why calling it this fancy name to make it sound unnatural and that you’re forcing something?

Just be yourself and do your thing. Fucking be yourself. Talk to like-minded people and people that you want to serve. That’s your brand.

I’ve questioned myself. Do I need to build a personal brand or be myself?

If I’m my true self, people will get to know me. And then I’ll become known for “the thing” I’m doing.

Isn’t that building my “personal brand” without calling it “building a personal brand”? I think so.

For example, if you want to be your brand to be “the memberships guy”, talk about memberships anytime you can or find convenient.

If you want to be an “e-sports news commentator”, talk about that.

That’s how to make that a “brand”.

And if you want that thing to be your personal brand, put your face on it. That’s how you might get that “brand” to be associated with you.

Do things that you feel right and put your face on them.

If you do it right, people will reward you and associate you with the thing you’re doing.

Don’t be fake. The world has enough of that already.

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