Good vs bad

Ha, the good old argument of good vs bad. I going straight say that I don’t know enough about this. I want to understand the origins of these concepts, and I still have a lot of work to get there.

However, it appears these concepts are man-made.

I’m annoyed by the cancel culture we have right now, especially in the case of comedians being judged years later for jokes they made.

Yes, society changes. What is acceptable changes over time. But the cancel culture is cancer that can’t die soon enough.

So, what is good and bad then? I don’t know yet.

Recently I wrote about what can you do better in this garden.

There I touched briefly on this good vs bad argument.

For example, people consider Amazon evil for many things they do. And to what extent this critic is justified should be discussed on another day.

But, isn’t evil a company ask for more money, take more time to deliver, and abandon you to your luck when something adverse happens?

Yet, I had some experiences with small businesses not caring enough about the customer.

I’m going to explore this good vs bad concept. But now, I don’t believe good or bad makes sense.

These concepts seem to change over time. Also, they don’t explain the whole picture as things aren’t black and white. Worse, what is white for someone can be black or the other. And that is an even deeper discussion.

See you next time.

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