It's not worth explaining myself

It feels underwhelming when I talk to other people about what we do with our free time, money, and life goals. Sometimes even heartbreaking for me.

I don’t blame the lack of ambition only on them. Where I live, this is almost a cultural thing: a small island in a not-so-great financial situation.

But on the other side, things only can change if we change. So, [[ if you don’t change, nothing changes ]].

In the end, I feel more lonely than not. It’s hard to have deep connections and keep long-term friendships because of the differences in ambition.

I saw this video about this topic. And most of it resonated with me.

So, it’s not worth explaining why I use my free time out of my current job. They don’t see it possible to make money with the internet.

I don’t blame them. Most only use Facebook and Instagram to scroll. So, they’re using tools from the consumer perspective, not a creator.

I fight this loneliness by talking about my ambitions with my girlfriend, writing more, and looking online for folks with the same mentality.

Trying to explain to someone about affiliate marketing or other ways of making money isn’t worth the effort anymore. So I’ve quit doing that.

You do you. But I want more than I have now.

There will be a time where I’ll settle but now isn’t that time.

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