Life keeps throwing stronger punches

Life throws a lot of shit at us. It comes from all angles, and at times you least expect it. That’s normal. And since we can’t prevent those punches from coming in our direction, we need to deal with them. As I matured, I learned to roll with a lot of punches. Over the years, I had my share of things going wrong in life. When shit hits the fan and I get punched in the gut, there are 2 options: quitting or overcoming the pain. I always pick the latter. But as I overcame the pain, I also noticed that life keeps throwing harder and harder punches. And they suck! Every time! Especially when I don’t see them coming. And boy, do they hurt. It feels like some kind of video game where when I get stronger, the opponents (the punches) keep getting stronger and hurting me in the same way (or worse). This sucks. And it happened again this week. Shit happens, and I’m gutted. Completely shocked. But as I can’t do anything, I’ll have to roll with it and come stronger from the other side. I’m not willing to let this situation break or make me quit. F that! I’m going to punch back as hard as I can!

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