Making the wrong comparisons

Yesterday, I was feeling terrible.

When I started The Stack Junction, I knew it was going to be hard. After all, I am not famous and never built something from the ground up on the internet.

Then, I began going against the tide and going to a smaller niche. So I’m mostly talking about CMSs, website builders, and memberships.

Again, I knew it was going to be slow. Mainly because I’m not going after keyword volume themes or talking about trendy topics like WordPress.

I’m even bashing a lot of shortcomings about WordPress. And since WP is used by 40% of all websites, I’m taking risks.

The thing is, I’m not unsuccessful because it’s been only 11 weeks of consistency. But, yes, it’s almost 3 months of releasing 1 article per week, and this is bringing some results already.

In July and August, I got around 80 visitors to the website. About 1/3 of those visitors came from search engines.

I find these numbers good at this stage.

According to Ahrefs, my website has 0 Domain Authority, and I’m already having people read my stuff.

Also, on Twitter, I have 60 followers that barely engage with my tweets.

So, why was I feeling bad yesterday? Well, because I see various pieces of content saying “how to get to 100 subscribers” and “how easy it is”.

My mistake was making comparisons between them, this advice, and my journey.

Today (the original date of writing this note), I only have 3 members to my newsletter. And 2 of those members are my emails.

Yes, my numbers aren’t great, but I’m not doing this for success now.

I have a purpose. I’m writing and making videos for that purpose.

And yesterday, I forgot about my journey towards that purpose.

After all, I’m doing things my way. And writing about what I think makes sense to help people. And I’m doing it differently than everybody else.

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