Not a self-proclaimed specialist

“You should listen to me because I have [insert thing person is proud and want others to know]”.

I’ve thought about this topic for some time.

You have come across that type of statement when listening to videos or reading articles online.

Someone saying a sentence like that wants to show they are an authority in their field, so you pay attention to them.

Like a social proof, to see you them as a specialist.

This affected me as a creator. I don’t consider myself a specialist in CMSs, website builders, and newsletter tools. But I have hundreds of hours reading, playing around with those things, and I have a passion for it.

But when it came time for me to create and share what I discovered, knew, and my opinions, I struggled. I felt that I wasn’t an authority.

To be honest, I’m not.

I just love this stuff, and I want to share some of it.

In the process, I want to become a better writer, better SEO, and make money with this passion.

I don’t consider myself a specialist, and that is fine.

Actually, after I embraced that, I freed myself from judgment and self-doubt.

I continue to love writing and playing with this software whenever I can.

In the process, I help other people to learn more about it.

This clarity in the process led me to simplify how I introduce myself.

So, in my YouTube channel, I say: My name is Tiago, and I talk about technology related to blogs and newsletters.

Later, I will expand to podcasts and other related software.

Originally written at: 2021-12-25

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