Obsidian is probably the best thing that happened to my productivity in a long time

Obsidian changed my life.

I discovered it on the Keep Productive YouTube channel in April/ May 2021.

I had heard about Roam before, but as it was paid. And I was using Nimbus.

So, I didn’t even bother to spend money to try Roam as I was happy with Nimbus.

The thing is, I have ADHD and suffer from shinning object syndrome.

And Obsidian triggered that syndrome.

I felt the urgent need to go try Obsidian.

What I didn’t know was the transformation it would have.

I became addicted to linking all my notes.

I spent a lot of time on the Discord server, forum and watching YouTube videos about it.

It was fascinating what other people were doing with Obsidian. And at the time, I had less than 100 notes on it.

Developing my system wasn’t easy, nor hard. But, I did it slowly and explored to see what I liked and adapt the advice to me.

The Obsidian community is incredible. And the creators too! Nick Milo, Eleanor, Bryan Jenks, Santi, and other creators did a fantastic job with their videos and articles.

The difference between Obsidian and Nimbus is that I can see my notes and find them easily. Doesn’t matter if I search on the graph, by note title, tag, or folder.

This is why I love Obsidian so much!

Obsidian helps with my ADHD struggles as I can find stuff. Fortunately, there are no infinity drawers like Jesse J. Anderson says.

After I developed my system, I finally started writing for my blog. And I wrote for 24 weeks in a row. It was a lot more consistent than I think I could be if you talked to me before using Obsidian.

I didn’t attribute this uptick in writing to start using Obsidian, but maybe I should.

Before Obsidian, finding files on folders (Evernote, Nimbus, or Windows) was a pain.

With Obsidian, I always know where to find stuff.

I have a system where I link my ideas.

So, 2021 was finally the year I sorted the “note-taking” app thing. I have been in this search since early 2018.

And 7 months later, Obsidian isn’t a shinning object anymore. But I keep loving and using it.

Also, I keep growing with it.

If you make videos or write about Obsidian, a massive thank you! You’ve helped me more than you know.

Note created: 2021-11-20

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