Resting floods me with ideas

After I rest for 1 or 2 days, I get bombarded with new ideas for text and video.

And these ideas come at random, about random topics, but it’s easy to get 4/5 in two hours.

The secret to getting into this state of ideas flow is wandering around.

Wandering can be:

  • reading emails/ newsletters
  • navigating Twitter or Reddit
  • watch YouTube videos
  • listening to podcasts
  • doing nothing

The importance here is doing stuff because I feel like it, not to produce more. The go is resting. And by relaxing, I get access to this state where I need to have something to save these ideas.

I’m writing this during a flight after listening to lo-fi music, trying to fall asleep.

But here I am. I cannot stop writing as the plane shakes through the turbulence.

I love to be in this state!

In October, I pushed myself a lot to produce more content and beat my record of time worked by more than 20%. And planned to take 4 days off.

But yesterday’s rest is already putting me in the flow state.

Maybe I should forward this note to Father Bronques as his course Make art not content, is the main driver for the changes I’m implementing and taking where I want to be in the long run.

Time to land now. See you soon.

Ps. And now, as I wait for my girlfriend to pick me up at the airport, I’m uploading this to my digital garden following this workflow: How I set up Obsidian to sync with my VM

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