This garden is helping me

Since I started writing every week for my blog, I noticed my knowledge deepen about technologies for websites.

I’m getting deeper and faster at finding the information I want. Also, I begin to work better because of that routine.

Enter September 2021, when I started writing a couple of notes weekly about my random ideas, and things got wild.

I’ve been bombarded by ideas for writing almost every other day. When something happens in my life, I see a possible lesson and motive to write about. It has been fascinating seeing this change.

Plus, I’ve implemented a daily practice. So now, I wake and write for at least 15 minutes before even eating. Most days, I write for 20 minutes. It isn’t much. But the habit of putting more things on the computer and keep less on my mind helps.

And because of this practice, I start to see a pattern in my writing. Also, I’m showing more of my personality on it.

So, for the most part, it is about non-linear progress with a nonconformist behavior.

For example, what can you do better touches on small business vs Amazon or the impact of small things show how you can achieve more.

I don’t want to be correct. It’s not what this is about. But I have strong opinions about some stuff. And small business vs Amazon is one of those subjects.

The point is that you’re competing with big companies for the same customers. So even if you don’t want, people compare what you offer with them.

I’ll write more about the good vs bad fallacy behind this argument in the future. Oh, also, using Obsidian is having a tremendous impact on me.

It’s helping me visualize my ideas and connecting them.

Imagine, what you see at the end of each note in this garden, but with a lot more notes. That’s my Obsidian vault.

[add screenshot of vault]

I believe in the impact of small things, and I’m starting to see results at several levels of my life.

To finish, I’m happy with the path things are taking. I have more and better ideas. And I’m able to ship notes, articles, and videos faster with the routines in place.

But I’m not settled, not even close. This is just the beginning.

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