What you would do if there were no money involved

Have you ever thought about this? Do you know what you’ll do?

I’m not 100% sure of what I would do as I’m writing this. But by the end of this note, I might get closer to an answer.

This question came to mind as I was dedicating my time writing for my blog and YouTube videos.

Since July 2021, I’ve been consistent, putting in more hours than I thought was possible 4 months ago.

But is this what I truly want? Is writing something I like? Yes, I like to write. But sometimes, it’s painful.

It’s painful to put the mess on my head into the computer and then work some logic out of it.

It’s painful to be confronted with old stuff that I wrote and cringe looking at it months later.

But on the other hand, writing has been crucial.

As I write more about my thoughts, I procrastinate less. As a result, I have more clarity, I can write faster, I have more confidence. And best of all, there is less mess in my head.

Writing, even when nobody reads my stuff, gives me peace of mind. It’s almost like writing takes the pain in my mind and puts it into the screen.

Sometimes I go back and see how confusing my writing is, but it was making total sense at the time. This is another advantage: I can iterate on a previous thought and make it better because I can see the mess.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m writing for my blog and YouTube channel because I want them to become a significant source of my income, if not the primary source.

But at the same time, I feel like a kid playing around with each new software I review. And it excites me.

So, probably I would do these reviews even without money involved, but at a slower pace.

So, what would I do if there was no money involved? The answer is probably writing every day. I would write about nothing and everything. But I would take more stuff out of mind, I’m sure of that.

Is this writing that I’m referring to similar to journaling? Maybe.

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