What can you do better

I used to complain a lot, but over the years, I complained less and less. But I still see people complain a lot in different aspects of society. So, if you are unhappy with a situation, ask yourself: “What can I do better?”.

I was overweight. What could I do better? Eat less and exercise more.

I had no money in my bank account. What could I do better? Spend less and invest my savings.

See, things won’t change overnight. That’s a fairytale. If things change overnight, probably, you were doing something harmful, and the “overnight change” is the normal state you were in before.

I see people shouting out a lot: “don’t buy on Amazon, buy local”. So, that’s the motivation behind this note.

I also see people who despise Amazon and put their products for sale because that’s “the best way people can discover your product”.

So, what can you do better than Amazon? Saying to buy local won’t work. You’re only saying: instead of giving your money to an unknown company, give that money to a known one.

Besides the convenience and low prices of buying on Amazon, you get 2 things: reliability and excellent customer service.

What I mean by reliability. I’ve bought stuff in other stores, and the transportation company never honored the expected shipping time.

And one time it was so bad, I paid extra for express shipping for 1 week delivery by plane and the shipping company took 3 weeks because they sent the product by boat.

My complaint near the “local company” was unfruitful. They said they were sorry but could do anything. WTF? The transportation company didn’t honor the agreement with the local company, and I (the customer) lost money and time.

This is when the service comes in. I was never screwed by Amazon. I know lots of businesses get screwed by them. But they always come through solutions for every problem I’ve faced while buying there.

That’s the type of stuff you would expect from a local store, not a faceless multinational corporation. After all, your local store owners know you better.

But complaints won’t change things. Actions will.

So, if you want to compete with Amazon, know that you can’t deliver anything less than stellar customer service and customer care.

Again, I ask: what can you do better?

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